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What is coaching?




RWTH Aachen (5 years)

Business administration master


WSB Szczecin (1 year)

Postgraduate coaching


University Adam Mickiewicz (5 years)

Magister in psychology

Optimization of human potentials is the goal

Coaching is development, increase in performance and change – all in one


[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Icon_Increase-Coaching

Coaching is increase in performance in a specific field


[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Icon_Development-Coaching

Increase in performance equals development


[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Icon_Change-Coaching

Increase / development equals change of state.

Coach is responsible for the process

Participants of the process

The client is called „Coachee

The professional engaged by the Coachee is called „Coach

The relationship

There is no hierarchical structure between the Coach & the Coachee

The role of the coach

Coach is not

A leader in performance increase

A role model for development

An advisor of change

The role of the coachee

Coachee should be…


willing to work within the coaching framework

Willing to work on him-/herself

Coachee is responsible for optimization of own potentials


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Coach is not the leader

Coach is not responsible for the outcome of the coaching relationship

Coach provides framework


[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Coachee_Optimization-of-own-potentials

Coachee receives framework

Coachee develops own solutions

Coachee uses solutions for achievement of self defined goals

Coaching impacts psychological measures of self-perception


[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Coachee_Actions-have-Influence-on-outcomes-Impact

Positive effects on perceived self-efficacy

Self-efficacy = perceived certainty of positive influence of own actions on outcomes

I feel, that if i give everything, i will achieve my goals

Positive effects on locus of control

Locus of control = perceived general feeling to have control over the outcome of one’s action.

I feel, that my action have impact on my goal achievement

Coaching-process is hand- and tailor-made


[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Coachee_Optimization-of-own-potentials

Everybody is different

Coaching should adapt to individuality

coaching = hand- tailor-made

Individual adaption leads to higher efficiency

Coachee determines content

The individual needs of the Coachee impact the process

Main coaching techniques 

Individuality of the process is ensured by proactive listening and questions

Coaching as a framework for personal development

What is coaching?

[own illustration] Coaching Process Steps


Deriving from the definitions above, one might say, that coaching provides a framework for personal development. Personal development is defined as “an activity to improve awarness […] develop talents and potential, build human capital […] enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations”


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