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Coaching for digital natives

It is the digital world, where you feel safe, sometimes bad, eventually. My service will assist you in developing a healthy digital usage behavior, which will benefit both private and business life.


SZYMON WILKOSZ | Founder coworkingguide.de

Bartosz helped me to develop my thinking and achieve better results in my projects

T. KAUFMANN | Raw Food Blogger rawesome-life.com

Bartosz understands triggering valuable and targeted thought processes.

LUKAS SKORUPA | Referent Credit Risk @DZ Bank

Bartosz triggers me to proactively work on my personality.

How you benefit!

You will learn how to find your optimal share of digital and real life

You will learn how to focus on long-term goals and use short term benefits as motivators

You will learn how different communication channels impact relations

You will learn to work on a stable set of beliefs and moral rules



RWTH Aachen (5 years)

Business administration master


WSB Szczecin (1 year)

Postgraduate coaching


University Adam Mickiewicz (5 years)

Magister in psychology

Who or What is a digital native?

Digital Native

[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Digital Natives

Characteristics of a digital native

We – as digital natives – grew up with the internet

The internet is an integral part of daily life

The internet is an instrument

The internet makes life happier, easier and more efficient

How do we navigate through life?


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[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Flexibility


[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Diversity


[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Hedonistic-Life-Approach


[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_NoHierarchy

Online Consumption

[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Online-Consumption

“Always On”



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Coaching as a service within the developmental process


I. Your goals

Assist in defining appropriate goals

Adjusting goal structure to own needs

What is important for a digital native?

II. Your reality

Assist in understanding the status quo

Identify important and influencial aspects

How do own digital habits influence life?

III. Your opportunities

Which options do you have?

What if the obstacles weren’t real?

How to use digital habits as an advantage?

IV. Your will

What, When, How?

How to reach my goals?

How to find optimal level of digital usage step by step?


simultaneous execution of several activities

Multitasking illustration

[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Multitasking

What is the challenge?

lower effectivess

higher cognitive costs, e.g. for switching between tasks

lower concentration endurance

lower effectivess in filtering irrelevant stimuli

lower goal orientation

How can i help?

Evaluation of optimization potentials

Development of strategies for higher goal achievement

Implementation of a task plan to achieve the goals


Ability to change or adapt to changing circumstances

Flexibility illustration

[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Flexibility

What is the challenge?

Higher complexity of environment

Higher requirements for the development of a stable indentity

lack of stable values and sense

Lower self esteem within digital life

How can i help?

Evaluation of own current value structures & environmental requirements

Development of strategies

Implementation of a task plan to achieve the goals


Differences in any aspects of human identity

Diversity illustration

[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Diversity

What is the challenge?

Lack of common ground in intra- & intergroup relationships

Difficulties in (non-) personal communication

Difficulties in combined & purposeful usage of ressources

Increased loneliness & shyness, lack of connection

How can i help?

Evaluation of own current diverse structures and values

Development of strategies to increase order in diverse environments

Implementation of a roadmap in order to bring people together

Hedonism (“Always happy”)

Pleasure and hapiness are the primary goals in our value structure

Hedonism illustration

[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Hedonistic-Life-Approach

What is the challenge?

Lack of (long-term) orientation 

Search and need for frequent gratification

Prioritization of next steps based on a “Fun”-Scale

Lack of feeling of meaning and responsibility

How can i help?

Evaluation of needs of pleasure and long-term fullfilment

Development of strategies to fulfill short- & long-term goals adequately

Implementation of strategies in order to develop a balance


Negation of any concept of arrangements in which a person presented might be above or below in comparison to another one

Anti-hierarchy illustration

[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_NoHierarchy

What is the challenge?

Inability to act within hierarchical environments

fragmentation into micro-units of one

competition anxiety

High need of autonomy

How can i help?

Evaluation environmental circumstances and personal competencies

Development of strategies to be autonomous and part of hierarchies simultaniously

Implementation of strategies developed

Online Consumption

Everyday and existential needs are via digital platforms or services, such as consumption, love, development, reading etc.

Online consumption illustration

[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Online-Consumption

What is the challenge?

Human experience is relocated to the digital world

Feedback from interactions is received digitally decreasing sensitivity

Decreasing emotional intelligence

Decreasing ability to cope with different kinds of situations

How can i help?

Evaluation of optimization potentials in coping with the environment

Development of strategies to increase emotional intelligence

Implementation of and follow-up on implemented strategies

“Always On”

Reachability for work and private question throughout the whole day

“Always On” illustration


What is the challenge?

Short cognitive flows due to multitasking and full-time reachability

Lack of relaxion due to inability to disconnect

Frequent reward needs

How can i help?

Evaluation of own time management strategies and environmental requirements

Combine productivity with pleasure, high tensity with relaxation

Implementation of strategies in order to achieve a balanced way


Reachability for work and private question throughout the whole day

Communication illustration

[OWN_ILLUSTRATION] Picture_Communication

What is the challenge?

Increase in information flow with an effect of “digital fog”

Prioritization of messages and request increasingly difficult

Decrease of clarity due to increase in unnessecary communication

How can i help?

Evaluation of communication behaviours present in environment

Developing strategies for effective communication in a combined on-/offline world

Implementation and training of communication strategies on-/offline


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