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Coaching with big data

It is the data, who knows you best. My service will assist you in extracting knowledge from data, putting it into an actionplan and making the best out of both private and business life. Coaching with big data helps in displaying a realistic and systematic 360° view.


SZYMON WILKOSZ | Founder coworkingguide.de

Bartosz helped me to develop my thinking and achieve better results in my projects

T. KAUFMANN | Raw Food Blogger rawesome-life.com

Bartosz understands triggering valuable and targeted thought processes.

LUKAS SKORUPA | Referent Credit Risk @DZ Bank

Bartosz triggers me to proactively work on my personality.

How you benefit!

You will learn how to identify areas of improvement by data usage

You will learn how to use specific digital data sets

You will get a fully developed dashboard with automated insights 

You will improve such areas as your social life, your eating behavior or your activities



RWTH Aachen (5 years)

Business administration master


WSB Szczecin (1 year)

Postgraduate coaching


University Adam Mickiewicz (5 years)

Magister in psychology

Why data within the process of coaching?

[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Quantify-Your-Life

Reason #1

To identify moments of failure and success

Reason #2

To identify effects of actions on physical & mental health

Reason #3

To raise self awareness for interaction of the self with the environment

What is “Big Data” in “Coaching with big data”?

Quantification of all aspects of a self’s life

Data gathering through digital sources is called “Self-Quantification”

[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Quantified-Self

Self-recorded data

bio-medical data from wearables

ex.: Body temperature, heart rate, etc.

Self-recorded data

behavioral data from wearables and platforms

ex.: platform usage, like facebook

Self-reported data

objective behavioral data from apps

ex.: calory tracking in eating apps

Self-reported data

subjective cognitive & emotional data

ex.: well-being, e.g. subjective happiness scale

Areas of big data and how data gathering is possible?

Geo Location Data

Wearables and mobile phones


Subjective data on well-being

Apps like Happify


Sports data

Apps like Fitness Point or Runtastic


Communication & Web Usage data

Messengers and portals like facebook

[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Communication

Financial data

Apps of financial institutions


Health data

Wearables and apps like Health


Coaching as a service within the developmental process


I. Your goals

Assist in defining appropriate goals

Adjusting goal structure to own needs

What data should be gathered for measuring goal achievement?

II. Your reality

Assist in understanding the status quo

Identify important and influencial aspects

Which data is available, which is not?

III. Your opportunities?

Which options do you have?

What if the obstacles weren’t real?

How to use data as an advantage?

IV. Your will

What, When, How?

How to reach my goals?

How to implement data in your life step by step?

What are potential effects of big data in a coaching process?

Increasing self awareness for own progress  & activating role in managing own well-being

Exemplary graph

[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Quantify-Your-Life-2

Influence of data on coaching process

helps cultivating skills & talents

helps with exact timing of necessary interventions

helps raising awareness on progress and historical context

helps finding areas for improvement

teaches self-responsibilty in self-care – learning habits and behaviors

Why “Coaching” in “Coaching with big data”?

What does science say?


Science answer #1

Self-quantified data and a coach help in personal development

self-quantified data usage solely does not lead to personal development, but the addition of a coach is crucial

Science answer #2

People engage in self quantification if goals are more comprehensive

Data usage for its own sake does not lead to high engagement and a coach can help to define life goals

Other aspects of coaching assistance


Aspect #1

Assistance in emotional aspects of dealing with self-reflecting data

Assistance in coping with the fear of data and facts and increasing emotional importance of data

Aspect #2

Assistance in technical aspects of data pre- & postpreparation

Aggregation of data and visualisation of data in graphs and charts to a point, which enables ability to act

How does the process in Coaching with big data look like?

A coach will help to answer the following questions


What are the questions to answer within the process?

What does the person in question care about?

How is what a person cares about quantifiable (What technologies?)?

What are the objectives & key results

How can the data be made usable (aggregation) and actionable (graphs etc.)

How to interpret self-reflecting data (only the quantified self knows)?

Use Case: My own progress with self quantification

Read the case study “Quantfied self” (7.000 words long)


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