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Communication coaching

Find out how your communication can be improved. The coaching includes general basic models, within which the emphasis is put on understanding communication situations. Furthermore some important techniques from the art of psychology for goal specific communication are presented. The goal of the coaching is to get the 80% of the 80:20 rule covered. Includes video analysis.


SZYMON WILKOSZ | Founder coworkingguide.de

Bartosz helped me to develop my thinking and achieve better results in my projects

T. KAUFMANN | Raw Food Blogger rawesome-life.com

Bartosz understands triggering valuable and targeted thought processes.

LUKAS SKORUPA | Referent Credit Risk @DZ Bank

Bartosz triggers me to proactively work on my personality.

Communication models

The most important thing, when improving communication, is to understand the circumstances, the context and the attributes of communication. Different models will be presented and compared. Based on those models, a  model for preparation will be presented.

Methods of a psychologist

As a psychologist, i know how to communicate with a specific goal. Active listening, question thinking and question asking, building a positive climate for cooperation and cooperation itself as well as negotiation tactiques will be discussed.

Practical methods

In order to improve the most common communication situations, some practical methods will be  discussed and practically trained. E.g. such methods include conflict management, feedback provision and positive formulation. Includes video analysis.



RWTH Aachen (5 years)

Business administration master


WSB Szczecin (1 year)

Postgraduate coaching


University Adam Mickiewicz (5 years)

Magister in psychology

How you benefit!

You will learn more about your own communication behavior

You will learn more about the situations you find yourself in

You will learn theory and practice of goal driven communication

You will learn how to structure your communication and use techniques

You will learn how to deal with specific communication situations


This post is also available in: Deutsch (German) polski (Polish)