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Coaching by Bartosz Przytula

Defined below some of the main conditions of my coaching service, which will help you throughout your decision making process concerning the proper coaching service.


SZYMON WILKOSZ | Founder coworkingguide.de

Bartosz helped me to develop my thinking and achieve better results in my projects

T. KAUFMANN | Raw Food Blogger rawesome-life.com

Bartosz understands triggering valuable and targeted thought processes.

LUKAS SKORUPA | Referent Credit Risk @DZ Bank

Bartosz triggers me to proactively work on my personality.


Get to know, when contacting me as a coach is the proper next step in Your development


Get to know where my coaching services are available in real and digital life?

How? #1

Get to know the process, that you will go through, when attenting my coaching service.

How? #2

Get to the general conditions of the first session of my coaching service!



RWTH Aachen (5 years)

Business administration master


WSB Szczecin (1 year)

Postgraduate coaching


University Adam Mickiewicz (5 years)

Magister in psychology

When should you generally contact me?

Open questions?

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with no answer on how, where, when & why


love relationships, goals in sports, achievements at work, anxiety of specific situations, long-term plans

Focus on You!

You know, what is important for you, what has highest value


for coaching in Berlin and other cities (see “Where to find me” section)

Where to find me – Digital Coaching, Coaching in Berlin and other places

Coaching in Germany

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Coaching in Berlin

Coaching in Hamburg

Coaching in Köln

Coaching in Düsseldorf

Digital Coaching


unique experiences

top tier companies, cultural diverse teams

diverse departments from IT “nerds” to creative “freaks”

specialization on digital world

Coaching in Poland

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Coaching in Szczecin

Coaching in Warsaw

Coaching in Gdynia

Coaching in Poznan

Special notification

If you don’t live in Germany, Austria or Poland, but do speak polish, german or english, please contact me. We should discuss availability for coaching sessions individually.

Coaching as a service within the developmental process


I. Your goals

Assist in defining appropriate goals

Adjusting goal structure to own needs

II. Your reality

Assist in understanding the status quo

Identify important and influencial aspects

III. Your opportunities?

Which options do you have?

What if the obstacles weren’t real?

IV. Your will

What, When, How?

How to reach my goals?

Big benefit: First session for free

Basic information about first session

First session is for free

Get-to-know,  discussion of coaching approach/-process

Clarification of moral aspects

Sneak-peak into the process itself

For Free

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What i am offering You

Business experience


business administration major

7 years in consulting 100+ international companies

digital (data) strategies, organizing workshops, speaking on conferences

bringing diverse teams together and achieving common goals

Best of both worlds


unique experiences

top tier companies, cultural diverse teams

diverse departments from IT “nerds” to creative “freaks”

specialization on digital world


[OWN ILLUSTRATION] Psychology-Icon

psychology major

supervising development process of high achieving individuals

supervising development of small businesses in germany & poland


This post is also available in: Deutsch (German) polski (Polish)